Develop your talent and earn money with the Web3 social network.
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New Talent

New Talent

Web 3 social network New Talent is a project that will help everyone develop their talent.
also participate in various events and
competitions that will help you unleash your potential.
communicate with educators
receive feedback and advice
Our platform provides a unique opportunity to:
One of the key features of our social network is the staking option, which provides users with additional opportunities to develop their talents.

Staking allows you to earn tokens that can be used to pay for services on the platform, as well as to participate in various events and competitions.
Our platform also provides students with the opportunity to create crowdfunding proposals to raise funds for their needs. This means that students can create projects and attract funding from other platform users who are interested in developing talented individuals.
We have developed the Play2earn system, which allows users to earn tokens by playing games on our platform. This is a great opportunity not only to develop your talent but also to earn from it.
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